About Sam Conti

About Sam Conti

Sam Conti  1952~1998

Sam Conti was a founding member of John Gordon Home, starting as treasurer in 1993 and becoming executive director in 1994, a position he held until his death in 1998. But by all accounts the man was much more than the title implies. In tributes written about him in the days following his passing he was called ‘gentle man who could move mountains’, a ‘gifted healer and bridge builder’ and ‘an average guy with Olympian dreams’.

Sam was a driving force behind the establishment of the John Gordon Home as we know it today. Close friend Betty Anne Thomas, executive director of the ACOL and co-founder of the JGH remembered him as a man committed to making life better for AIDS patients. “Sam saw what needed to be done and simply did it. Sam was not somebody who ever looked for accolades. He quietly and very effectively moved things forward.”

He was a leader in convincing the Health Ministry to pay for 24-hour staffing at the home in October 1994 and also convinced Queen’s Park to provide money to build the new home. It was Sam’s idea to approach Orchestra London to stage Interiors at the new facility before it opened.

Hosting this fundraising event for Orchestra London resulted in the John Gordon Home’s many unique decorating and design features.

Sam was much loved by his family, loved ones, friends, colleagues and employees. He was posthumously recognized by the Ontario AIDS Network (OAN) with an appointment to the 2000 Honour Role.