Volunteer Opportunities

The history of the John Gordon Home is rooted in extraordinary volunteer contributions. The original John Gordon Home at 414 Dufferin Avenue was renovated, decorated and landscaped entirely by a team of dedicated volunteers. In the early years, volunteers were on duty seven days per week assisting with care provision, cooking, gardening and housekeeping. Governance by a volunteer Board of Directors has provided leadership to the organization and volunteers have played key roles in fund raising activities.

The John Gordon Home welcomes volunteers in many different capacities. With our small compliment of staff (15), we are always appreciative of an extra pair of hands. In the past year, volunteers have assisted with administrative tasks; graphic design (the creation of this website); gardening; and fundraising events. Some volunteers have provided companionship and assistance to residents and others have helped out with the general maintenance of the house.

Volunteer-students from the University of Western Ontario and have contributed through the Pro-Bono Law Students and Western Cares programs.

If you have an interest in exploring volunteer opportunities with us, please contact:

Bruce Rankin at 519-433-3951 ext. 237